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March 9th, 2010 by atempler

Frank the Baptist – Viper Room Vienna – Wien, A


April 15-18 — w/ Link Protrudi & the Jaymen — Italy

April 24th — w/ LaLa Vox @ Dr. Sketchy’s Artschool — BERLIN

April 2010 — w/ Frank the Baptist— dates TBD

May 5-9, 2010 — w/ The Fuzztones — in Spain

May 12, 2010 — w/ La Fete Fatale — Bassy Club, BERLIN

May 22, 2010 — w/ Link Protrudi & the Jaymen— Bassy Club, BERLIN

July 22, 2010 — w/ The Fuzztones — in Italy

July 25, 2010 — w/ Frank the Baptist — Amphi Festival, KÖLN

August 2010 — w/ The Tapioca Convention — San Diego, CA

More dates & venues to be updated soon…

Building the good habit of updating…

March 4th, 2010 by Fez Wrecker

I”ve updated some info on the contact page, seemed to work…

I’ve also got more specific updates for April: 15-18 in Greece —

My Mittagespause/Siesta today was productive.  Marz got out in the daytime & we had lunch with some darling folks at the Ankerklause & then ditched everyone to go bowling.

The Wii has definitely improved our game. marz began the first game with a Turkey, then a fourth strike in a row… she bowled her all-time high with 142 & kicked my ass. My high is still stuck at 230, but that was over 20 years ago at Carriage Lanes in Poway, & was most likely witnessed by Vinnie Giracello & Eric ‘Shaggy’ Cullen.

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