Montpellier & leaving France…

October 11th, 2010 by Fez Wrecker

Seemingly every day has had at least one or two SpinalTap-esque moments, and the Montpellier stint was no exception.  Marseilles to Montpellier is the drive I was looking forward to the most… rolling down the windows & taking in the fresh scent of Lavender & Krauter de Provence… but NOOOOO… our first rainstorm during a drive made that rather impossible.  Next came the “hotel fail”- really only the first after a week and a half.

We pulled into the parking lot of the Sun Hotel, & it looked strangely familiar to me… it was the same worse-than-Etap place we stayed in back in 2008 on the last show of our tour, & it was a joke really– little plastic cabinets for community showers on each floor is less than luxurious, & when we saw the blackened mold on the shower floors, Captain Kurt immediately got on the phone with the promoter to switch our digs before we got too comfortable.  The place we moved to was only a slight step up, but at least the airplane sized bathroom cabinet/toilet combinations were in the individual rooms.

Finding the club was an hour-long nightmare, what with rain, traffic, & construction throughout the city.  Once we got there, the level of incompetence of this tiny club was not to be believed & I felt like a prima donna because I insisted on having a second monitor that functioned properly & a mic-stand that didn’t lean like an Irishman on Sunday morning.  The club was full of 14 year old girls, which was interesting enough, but their douchebag boyfriends almost got a facefull of Telecaster from Mark Lane when they were rushing the stage & afterwards, we both had to be talked down from ramming small beer bottles in these guys eyes… Violence avoided, it reinforced a lot of my prejudice towards the French people, & collectievly we can’t get the hell outta France fast enough.


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