Hello Atlantic Ocean!

October 17th, 2010 by Fez Wrecker

We arrived in A Coruña today around 3pm, czecked into the NH (Fez’ favorite hotel chain)…I have ethernet connection & a large bathtub.  Mark Lane, my roommate tonight has gone a-wandering with Lana & Rudi who were in search of fresh calamari during siesta time…  Keko & the crew are chilling & napping or some hybrid of both, and even though the sun is shining on the sandy beaches on both sides of the peninsula, I have to protect my new tattoo from those nasty UV rays for at least the rest of the week.

between Vigo y A Coruña

ah, the sea...

approaching A Coruña

Bus-call is at 6pm, & we’ll mosey to the club for load-in & soundczeck, & hopefully find a good paella or local seafood dish in the neighborhood. I’ll take piccies if we do.

tata for now…

the water temperature in the bath should be just perfect about now…


October 17th, 2010 by Fez Wrecker

Vigo is a beautiful little port city in the upper northwest of Spain.  Very lively nightlife, lotsa youngvolk & great clubs.  The show was wonderful for the band — running on all cylinders regardless of the conditions dictated by the clubs’ equipment.  Onstage sound was tolerable & the fans loved it.

Afterwards, a few of us managed to visit a club called Mombagamba or something like that, right next to the club LaIguana which was our intended destination.  We had a couple of nice local guides with us, and a lot of people from the show had ended up there, including the support band who were very good.  We posed in a lot of probably embarassing fotos with the locals, and every TomDick&Harry was buying me drinks… not to mention the DJ who was hotstuff & playing some wicked tunes, the kind that actually make ol’ Mr. Wrecker get his boogie on.  Nevertheless, even though it was Saturday night, I was the single room & we had a noon bus-call the next day, the local smoke variety & a few tequilas began to take their toll on my weary soul, & hinted that I oughta get home… fortunately, Keko found me a bit clueless outside on the streets & he was still coherent enough to know where to go, so we went to my room for a nightcap & a few rounds of La Scopa — an Italian card game not unlike Cassino.

I’m pretty certain I passed coz I woke up at 10:30 on top of the bed with all my clothes on.  I don’t know if I could imagine doing this for more than 10 weeks, & I’m happy about having little breaks in the schedule to look forward to.  It’s not easy to party EVERY night, but I’m certain that living in Berlin for the past 8 years have given me the strength to endure such rigors.  Hail Hail Rock and Roll.

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