Vision of Pinky’s Peepshow – Too Raunchy for Vegas

October 14th, 2011 by Fez Wrecker

Here are the official snaps from the epic production of Pinky’s “Too Raunchy for Vegas” on October 5, 2011, courtesy of photomeister Heinrich von Schimmer.


Gigantic thank you’s go out to all the people who brought their talents together for this momentous evening, and the dazzling audience that came out in droves dressed to the nines… Wednesday is the new Thursday in Berlin!

This spectacle was made possible by :

The dolls & dudes of the Bassy Club:

Pinky’s Peepshow co-founders Trixie Trainwreck & Christopher Rose, fearless rock’n’roll souldier Lloyd Clark, the golden goddess April Walz, the fearless Toby J, the snide Christoph, all the BBBs (Beautiful Bar Broads), Tammi, Pamela, everyone else …

Also big shout out to the fabulous crew:

Heisenburg – the Gaujin of the garderobe,

Stage Kitty – Little Miss Piss,

Regisseur – Danny Oslo, the film crew,

Aufnahme – Gerrt Hslar,

the  Shaman of the Shutter – Heinrich von Schimmer,


& thanks could never be enough for the outstanding performers who brought their magic to the masses!

Frank Sinazi, Coco, Fez Wrecker, Tallulah Freeway, Lada Redstar, Anita Drink, Damon Zurawski & Champagne Sparkles

and the heart & soul of the evening’s program, the band “Lenny’s Lo-Ball Combo”:

Leonard Svilar – guitar

Malte Tönißen – bass

x x -drummer

Stefan Kapitzke – sax

Steffen Zimmer – trumpet


Videos of the event available in November!

Fez at the Casino in Wiesbaden – SAT OKT 15

October 13th, 2011 by Fez Wrecker

Fez stars in upcoming animated feature

October 13th, 2011 by Fez Wrecker

Mr. Wrecker is  featured as a main character in the upcoming animated thriller “Alienated” by Bruce Stirling John Knox

Czeck out the trailer:

ALIENATED from Bruce Knox on Vimeo.

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