The Jugband in Action!

February 9th, 2013 by Fez Wrecker

This video was captured and stitched together by Frank Liborius at Liborius TV.

This epic paean to rock’n’roll altered states of consciousness was originally penned by The Leaves based on the beat of the legendary Bo Diddley, performed by Fez Wrecker’s Junkyard Jugband at the Urban Spree club in Berlin, 20 January 2013.

Czeck out the epic battle of the sax and harp from Rockin’ Rollo and Iron Curtis Tembeck!

Also features Shaun Mulrooney on e-guitar, Minou Moustache on washboard, Keko Saurus on drums, Handsome Johnny Tony’s-son on the double bass, Yuka Stonedigger on the fiddle…

Fashion Confezzion

February 6th, 2013 by Fez Wrecker

photo and ensuing article courtesy of Maren Michaelis. 


Berliner fashion blog babe Maren Michaelis has done a nice little spread about all you’d fear to find from the fashion fuss of Fez.
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